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We have taught over 400 happy couples!!

BUMPIN makes learning your first dance easy and fun! This should NOT be stressful on either of you. Over the years we have seen it all but one thing is always the same, someone is nervous/not into learning to dance, but EVERYTIME we change their minds in the first couple minutes. What sets us apart? We teach as a team! You get Danny and Kayla, giving a male and female perspective. Danny makes sure the men look like men and Kaylas keeps the ladies feminine. Over the lessons you will learn, laugh and surprise yourself!

Bride and Groom

Father Daughter

Mother Son

Bridal Party

Surprise Dances

We have got you covered!!


We are the whole package!

You only get married once (or maybe twice 😉), make the most of it!

We want this to be so stress free we not only take care of the dancing, but we also cut and edit your music! 

Most couples, depending on your routine, will take between 5 and ten lessons to prepare for their first dance. Your first dance can be sweet and simple or filled with tricks and jaw droppers. Every routine will be customized to be exactly who you two are together, sometimes it sexy and silly or sweet and timeless but it is always you! 


Hear from our happy couples!

From Melissa H.

Danny and Kayla are AMAZING!! Amazing people, beautiful dancers, and they're so much fun to be around! My husband and I came to them to prepare for our wedding reception dance- they helped us put together a routine that blew our family out of the water (we had no idea what we were doing when we started).  Danny &Kayla are real, salt of the earth people. They are a great couple (with the cutest little family, by the way) with a talent for dance and teaching that gets even the biggest skeptic (my husband) looking forward to lessons.
The wedding is over &we're already getting another package of lessons for other types of dancing.
I can't thank them enough for their help and I look forward to learning more from them at the studio.
If you're looking for dance lessons, look no further than Bumpin Ballroom!


From Lina R.

Bumpin Ballroom rocks! My husband (fiancé at the time) and I were getting ready for our wedding and decided we wanted to feel confident in our first dance. We found Bumpin Ballroom and went in for a free trial. The trial was awesome! Danny and Kayla (and their adorable kids) are so awesome and we really enjoyed working with them. They were so kind, patient and also funny, giving us constructive feedback when needed. We purchased a package of five sessions and ended up with a great dance! We put in the work and practiced at home outside of our sessions to make sure we were doing everything on our end to make this dance great. Might I add I had a huge ball gown that we wouldn't practice in until the day of. Our first dance ended up being more than we could have ever imagined! Our guests loved the dance and so did we! Thank you so much to Bumpin Ballroom!


From Felisha L.

My husband & I came here for super last minute dance lessons for our Wedding.  We only had 1 week! We had been to a couple other dance studios, but they were teaching us all the most basic & boring steps, with no turns/dips/lifts.  We're both in our 20's & wanted something more fun & less formal.

A friend of ours finally recommended us to Danny & Kayla, and they were AMAZING!  They were so much fun & down to earth, and taught us an incredible routine that with only ONE week left until our wedding, we were still able to incorporate beautiful turns, dips, and a lift! :)  We were so pleasantly surprised.  We practiced a bunch, and on the day of our wedding we pulled it off! :)  We had so much fun & were so happy we took classes with them.  We ended up taking 3, and they only charged us per class, which was nice since other places we had looked at only offered packages of 5 or more classes with no refunds if you don't use all the classes.  We would definitely come back here in the future to learn more fun dances! :)


From Taylor G.

Ok, WHERE TO START!!! A friend of mine recommended Bumpin ballroom to my husband and I for dance lessons for our wedding. He ranted and raved to me so much that I finally looked into it, but I didn't expect much. I expected to have to drag my husband there. We walked into the studio together feeling nervous, awkward and both assuming we'd make fools of ourselves. The most dancing we had done together was at friends wedding, and we literally just swayed back and fourth. But nonetheless we had our first lesson (which is free). The owners Danny and Kayla greeted us with their two kids and puppy walking around the studio. Within minutes I was holding one of the youngest Faith, and we were all laughing together like old time friends. They worked with us on some basic moves, and they really just GOT it right off the bat. Just tossing ideas around for the beginning of our routine made my eyes well because I knew that if our wedding was a disaster at least we knew our dance would be fine. I remember Danny telling us the goal is to make it look like you're really good, but with really simple moves. I cried on the drive home from the studio that night imagining our dance and listening to our song. They took the stress out of dancing for us, and added in so many fun elements that we found ourselves so excited to go dancing every week. After our 10 sessions leading up to the wedding, we gained more than just the skills to dance a routine together. We made new friends, tested our trust for one another, laughed our asses off on multiple occasions, and fell in love all over again. I would recommend Bumpin ballroom 1000x over, and will always remember the fun we had.


From William M.

Danny and Kayla are superb professionals.  My daughter and I gave them one week to get us prepared for our father-daughter dance to a somewhat difficult song, at least for me, a non-dancer.  They were outstanding in every respect; incredible dancers themselves, great instructors, genuine interest in helping the student be the best that he/she can be, fun personalities.  The dance was a smashing hit at my daughter's wedding and was an experience that my daughter and I will cherish for the rest of our lives thanks to Danny and Kayla.  Hands down I recommend them to anybody who wants to have a great time.


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