Ballroom dance lessons for kids

Personally we feel like Ballroom dancing is a skill that everyone should have... even more so with kids! 

Ballroom dancing is a skill that lasts a lifetime. There is just something so special about watching two people dance together. Not only is it great to be able to dance with another person but ballroom dancing teaches kids to learn how to respect their partner, not to mention dance appropriately together. ( #nomoretwerking 😂) 

They can learn to dance just for fun or they can take it seriously and compete. Ballroom dancers are some of the most sought after dance performers in the industry. I think we can all agree that “Dancing with the stars” is pretty entertaining! 
Our dancers learn all things ballroom, how to lead and how to follow, counting music, patterns in multiple dances, technique, and more. 

Some of the dances we cover are :

Waltz  Tango  Foxtrot  Quickstep  V. Waltz 

Cha cha  Samba  Rumba  Paseo Doble 

Salsa  Mambo  Merengue  Bachata 
Eastcoast Swing   Westcoast Swing  Jive  Jitterbug  Lindy Hop

We think it is important to work towards a goal. We put on two performances a year to show off their skills! Get your little ones dancing with BUMPIN Ballroom!


Ballroom dance lessons for KIDS!


Bumpin Ballroom


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Queensland, Australia

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